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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I use my card?

Your Rubicare card can be used at any participating provider location. See (link to provider page) for a current list of Rubicare Participating Providers.

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Is Rubicare dental insurance?

No, Rubicare is not an insurance plan. It is a discount savings plan honored at participating provider offices.

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Can I use Rubicare in conjunction with my regular dental insurance?

Rubicare is a discount savings plan and cannot be used in coordination with any other dental plan or insurance.

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How does Rubicare work?

Rubicare is a discount savings plan contracted with a network of licensed providers. With enrollment in Rubicare, members will receive discounted fees for services rendered at participating provider locations.

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What are the savings?

When presenting an active Rubicare card to participating providers, Members will receive discounted rates of the Providers regularly charged fees.

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If I am a small employer, can I purchase Rubicare for my employees in lieu of traditional dental insurance?

YES!!!! Please contact Rubicare directly for more information.

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